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Spear Fishing and Lobster Hunting Expeditions:

As commercial fisherman we know whats going on and where to look for fish and lobsters.

COST: $80 per person for a 2 tank dive and $110 for 3 tank dives. Tanks and rental gear are not included.

WHEN: Dives are offered daily at 7:30am and 1:30pm.We need a minimun of 4 divers to make it a trip.

WHAT TO BRING: Scuba Gear, (BCD, tanks, regulator, nitrox dive computer) hand reel, gloves, hood, safety sausage, towel and dive certification cards (nitrox and advanced). All dive sites are considered advanced dives (depth beyond 60 ft).

Season: Grouper - May 1 - Dec 31

Lobster Mini Season - Last Wednesday and Thursday of July

Lobster Season - Aug 6 - March 31

60 ft Dive Sites

Breakers Reef Dive Sites 

The coral reef sits due east of the famous Breakers Hotel. The reef offers many miles of ledges, crevices and reef mounds with an abundance of marine life including turtles, sharks, lobsters, eels and tropical fish to mention a few. Depth range from 45 ft – 60 ft

Fourth Windows – 40ft – 56ft

Elevator Shaft – 46ft – 57ft

Flower Gardens – 42ft – 55ft

The Trench – 45ft – 50ft

The Trench is a cut in the middle of the reef created to bury communication cables. The 12 feet wide cut protects divers from the prevalent currents. Depth ranges from 45ft – 50ft.

South Breakers Coral Reef system

Teardrop and Ron’s Rock – 45ft – 55ft

Bath and Tennis – 40ft – 55ft

Paul’s Reef – 45ft – 55ft

Deep Reef Dive Sites: 60ft or Deeper

Shark Canyon – 68ft – 90ft

Juno Ledge – 68ft – 92ft

Pronounced 20ft deep ledge located offshore of the town of Juno, FL. You will encounter reef sharks, goliath grouper and other tropical marine life in the deeper reefs.

Northwest Double Ledges – 87ft

This is known as the Shark Dive. Occasional Bull shark, Hammerhead Sharks and Tiger Sharks are encountered.

South Double Ledges – 68ft – 90ft

Deep Wreck Dive Sites: 60ft or Deeper Dives

Governors Wreck Trek – 4 wreck

Thorzina Wreck - Sasha Boekanie - St Jacque - Gilbert Sea -- They all seat in a row and with a bit of navigation you can see all 4 in one dive.

Amarillys Wreck – 85ft to the sand

440ft shipping vessel with a 20ft profile. You can see Goliath groupers, sharks and other tropical marine life.

Danny Wreck – 70ft to the sand

Tug Boat Wreck dedicated to Danny McCauley. You will see Goliath groupers, sharks and other tropical marine life.

Mizpah Wreck – 86ft

Depth is 86 feet to sand and 65' to the deck. All doors are removed and the wreck cleaned up for diving before being sunk.

Princess Anne Wreck – 100ft

A 350' car ferry, 60 feet wide and 60 feet high, was sunk for diving in 100 feet depths in 1993.

Deep Tech Wreck Dive Sites: 130ft or Deeper Dive Cost Call*

Airplane Wreck – 150ft

Accident occurred in 1980’s and discovered by commercial lobster fisherman.

Bender Barge Wreck – 150ft

Great training Barge for the tech divers. Sits at 155 ft deep.

Andy Wreck - 186 ft to the sand

Ande was a 293 ft vessel and was deployed on the 24th Nov 1996 in 186 ft of water. Named after Ande Monofilament Fishing Line the sponsors of the Wk. Previously called JED Carrier.

Korimu Wreck – 230 ft to the sand

Also known as the Celtic Crusader is a 265-foot general cargo ship that was built in the Netherlands in 1970. Its name was changed to Supremity and later to Korimu. Sunk as an artificial reef on the 16th March 2007. Lies in 230 ft.

Sylvania Wreck – 270ft to the sand


The 200-foot long wreck sunken on July 2003.


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Tech Diving

Image result for tdi advanced nitrox

Best Wreck Diving in Florida.

We only take 6 divers on the boat! Only Advanced Divers and no beginners!

DIVE 8 WRECKS IN 2 DIVES! We have the Corridor wreck trek with 4 wrecks and Governors Riverwalk wreck trek with 4 additional wrecks.

Shark Diving

Best Shark Diving in Florida.

We only take 6 divers on the boat! Only Advanced Divers and no beginners! This is a photographers dive trip! NO HUNTERS OR BEGINNERS ON THE BOAT!

Sharks to see: Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Great Hammerheads, Bull Sharks, Silky, Sandbar and Dusky.

Hunting News

Best Drift Lobster Diving!

We only take 6 divers on the boat! Only Advanced Divers and no beginners!

We are former lobster fisherman. We try our best to get you on lobsters and have as much fun as possible. Our lobster season is from August 6 - March 31. Lobster Tag Required!